What is ShareBase?

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise file-sharing product that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organization retains ownership and control.

Filesharing Built for Enterprises, Secured in The Hyland Cloud

How do you empower your workforce to do their job, sharing and syncing files as needed, without losing complete control of your most important data and documents? ShareBase is a cloud-based file sharing solution, often referred to as enterprise file sync and share (EFSS), designed for that very purpose.

With ShareBase, it’s easy to access, collaborate and share your documents from any device with people inside – or outside – your organization. Best of all, it keeps you in control of all content.

Because ShareBase is developed by Hyland – the creator of OnBase – it interacts directly with your existing OnBase solution, allowing for automatic syncing and sharing of files as part of your everyday business processes. This seamless integration reduces bottlenecks caused by having to copy and paste files manually, while also discouraging your team from sharing files through disconnected or unsanctioned sharing tools.

Role-Based Security

Give your IT department complete control over who uses ShareBase – and who doesn’t. Another plus: because ShareBase utilizes only corporate email addresses, you will retain ownership of all shared content.

Revocation of Access When Users Leave

With ShareBase, it’s easy to revoke rights when users leave your organization. Simply disable accounts that are no longer needed to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

Simple Transfer of Ownership During Personnel Transitions

Let’s say one of your employees receives a promotion or transfers to a different department. No problem. ShareBase allows you to reassign that user to the appropriate shared folder(s) based on his or her new role.

Private Hosting in Our Cloud, Not a Public-Shared Cloud

The cloud is great, but your own private cloud is even better. Not only will you rest easy knowing that your data is never co-mingled with other organizations’ data, you’ll also know the exact region and datacenter where your information is stored and backed-up.

Interacts With Your OnBase Solution

If you’re already using OnBase as an ECM solution, you can leverage ShareBase to share documents outside of OnBase automatically according to your organization’s business rules, collaborate with external users and seamlessl


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