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Technology and automation terms are constantly changing and growing — and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Below are the definitions for some of the most commonly used terms and services in our industry.

ABBYY – ABBYY Timeline is a process intelligence platform that gathers, visually displays, and analyzes an organization’s data, helping them identify weaknesses and create more informed decisions
Blue Prism – As the pioneers of Robotic Process Automation technology, Blue Prism creates software robots, or ‘digital workers,’ that perform tasks normally done by humans — only much faster, and without error
Business Process Management (BPM) – Describes the overall act of discovering, analyzing, improving, optimizing, and automating an organization’s processes and practices
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – KeyMark’s version of BPO revolves around physically scanning documents, capturing information from those documents digitally, and returning that digital information to an organization by creating workflows
Capture – The process of electronically extracting, classifying, and validating data from an organization’s paper documents
Case Management – A solution designed to support a complex process requiring both human tasks and electronic workflow such as service requests, incident resolution, investigative cases, and much more
Cloud – The ‘cloud’ refers to a secure data center that stores an organization’s data on an internet-based platform, rather than on physical drives. KeyMark’s cloud offering is called Hyland Cloud. 
Conversions – The process of switching from a current business process technology solution to a new one, including the secure transfer of an organization’s data 
Document Management – The general process of combining multiple technologies to receive, track, store and manage an organization’s documents and data electronically
DocuWare – Docuware provides document management and workflow automation software, helping organizations optimize their daily processes 
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – An overarching term describing the capture, storage, retrieval, and management process of an organization’s crucial documents and data, serving as the base for all of its business functions
Form Automation – A software solution that allows an organization to manage, distribute, complete, and process forms electronically
File Management – A software solution that allows an organization to electronically synchronize, share, audit, encrypt, and access its files securely, and whenever they’re needed
Implementations – The post-sale process of getting a software solution to work properly in the purchasing organization’s environment, including installation, configuration, user training, and more
Intelligent Automation – The combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation in order to create smart business processes that can learn and adapt on their own 
Kofax – Kofax is an ECM provider that creates software for the customer-centric business with mobile-first, state-of-the-art technologies
Livegenic – Livegenic is a software solution that enables companies to provide best-possible customer service in the fastest-possible time, utilizing real-time photo and video collaboration, guided self-service and field resource management tools
OnBase – OnBase by Hyland is a powerful, industry-leading ECM solution that makes all of an organization’s documents, data, and information visible, accessible, and manageable 
Process Intelligence – Software systems that analyze and present data from your current business processes, showing an organization where it can improve and gain efficiency
Professional Services – KeyMark’s term for the team that provides implementation, conversion, and system integration work for an organization
Rapid Application Development – An agile approach to software development that produces applications quickly, utilizing customer feedback and frequent iterations 
Reports & Dashboards – Real-time reporting and customizable dashboard software that helps an organization gain visibility into its processes and the overall health of its systems
Robotic Process Automation – software that uses programmable robots, also known as ‘digital workers,’ to execute most of an organization’s computer-based business tasks by automating repetitive, labor intensive work
ShareBase – ShareBase by Hyland is a leading cloud-based file sharing solution that makes it easy for an organization to securely access, collaborate, and share documents from any device 
System Integrations – The process of combining a technology solution with your existing business process systems 
Virtual Collaboration – Technology-mediated communication, often over photo and video platforms, allowing employees to collaborate from anywhere
Workflow – The sequence of events and processes that pass information from the initiation to the completion of a task 
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