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Improve Customer Service with Interactive Communication through Innovative Technology

Livegenic’s virtual collaboration platform enables companies to provide best-possible customer service in the fastest-possible time, utilizing real-time photo and video collaboration, guided self-service and field resource management tools. Designed to connect and automate every part of a claims process, the Livegenic suite offers award-winning mobile applications and browser-based solutions created to meet your specific needs.

Livegenic is trusted by organizations across the world to improve the quality of human-to-human interaction between customers and employees. The technology also provides the ability to optimize workflows, reduce cost, and shorten cycle times.


Livegenic Features Include:

  • Record live or offline video from a single App
  • Scan and upload documents, PDFs, and other files
  • Access and accept assignments
  • Get directions with one touch
  • Receive, confirm, and update case status
  • Review all collected pictures and videos
  • Create calendar appointments
  • Deliver custom text and video instructions
  • Write and exchange notes with collaborators

Virtual Collaboration Built Just for You

Livegenic is committed to providing products that are: user-focused, secure, scalable, attractive, and reliable. Ultimately, the goal is to simplify and improve your organization’s ability to communicate with virtual collaboration. Through virtual collaboration, you can do things like reduce constituent foot-traffic in agency locations (for government), save money on things like claims processing costs (for insurance), achieve greater customer satisfaction, and much more!

Livegenic Benefits

Custom Integrations, Analytics, and Data Science

Full Support – Design, Development, and Delivery

IT Support

100% Success Guaranteed by History

Livegenic for Insurance


Find out how Livegenic can help transform your insurance business!

Livegenic for Government


Improve your client interactions through virtual collaboration.

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