Built To Meet Real-World Content Management Needs – in Real Time

What is DocuWare Software?

DocuWare is a leading provider of document management and workflow automation software solutions for businesses across the globe. Benefits of DocuWare to an organization include automating manual tasks, reducing dependence on paper files and delivering secure access to information and files anytime from anywhere.

How Can DocuWare Help Your Organization?

Designed with today’s business processes in mind, DocuWare helps unlock your organization’s true potential by optimizing workflow processes and automating the tasks you perform on a daily basis. The result is a smarter, more secure and more scalable way of working.

For starters, you can integrate DocuWare with your existing IT systems in order to unlock the power of automated business processes. Seamless security protects your documents from accidental loss and unauthorized access, and an intuitive interface keeps you from getting entangled in tedious, unnecessary steps.

The best part? You don’t have to fall behind to get ahead. Because DocuWare can be integrated and implemented without delaying vital business processes, it’s easy to start enjoying these and other features with zero downtime.

DocuWare Stays Ahead of the Competition in Five Distinct Ways

Did you know that DocuWare has been the ECM of choice for more than 14,000 customer projects? That success is due in large part to DocuWare’s leading ECM technology which segments into five core areas: Innovation, Architecture, Security, Integration and Scalability. Read on to uncover what sets DocuWare apart from the competition.


DocuWare’s innovative features work today and, equally important, won’t become obsolete tomorrow:

  • Intelligent Indexing – Automatically index captured documents into relevant archives with this patent-pending, self-learning technology. Captured documents may be stored or retrieved in an instant. When deployed on the cloud, intelligent indexing goes a step further by learning from the indexing patterns of the “crowd,” allowing DocuWare to fully automate the indexing process.
  • Browser Technologies – Interface with HTML-based DocuWare using a web browser for fast, intuitive mastery and avoid complex software installations on individual devices.
  • Mobile – Access our mobile support app on Android, iOS, or Windows phones. Or use the groundbreaking PaperScan App to capture documents that may be incorporated into the system without hiccups.
  • Cloud – Multi-tenant, service-focused and scalable, DocuWare Cloud is one of the most versatile and effective software tools on the market today. The opportunity to redirect resources to business growth and development is immense, thanks to the simplicity and sustainability of a single platform.

Working with DocuWare requires nothing more than an internet-connected device running a standard browser. Document management can be used on any platform–including Mac and Windows OS. Because Web Client is built around HTML5 technology, DocuWare’s architecture is scalable, usable and won’t cause a lag in business processes; rather, this ECM solution sets the pace. In rare cases, DocuWare Desktop Apps may be administered centrally.

DocuWare is primed for multi-tenant use, securely accommodating each tenant’s users, archives, access rights, workflow definitions and other configuration settings.


Protecting data drives business. Whether you’re assigning privacy and allowed-action settings down to a single document or encrypting highly sensitive documents, your documents are protected from unauthorized access. In addition, both documents and databases are kept safe from loss by backup solutions on universal formats. As an added yet rarely necessitated precaution, all index data is duplicated and archives may be replicated as well. Documents may be transferred onto self-running archives on external hard drives or DVDs, along with the database and a search app.


Integrate DocuWare with virtually any program through configuration or code. Integration is DocuWare’s priority, as business processes are accelerated when your ECM system is seamless with your existing data sources, applications, email and hardware devices.

  • Configuration Wizard – Set-up on all devices is simple and painless.
  • DocuWare Print Driver and Screen Capture Based Integration – Directly file documents out of any application via a print command or a specialized integration into any software’s user interface.
  • Automatic Data Sync – Incorporate information from other systems into documents in DocuWare, or reverse the process and offer data from DocuWare to other applications.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) – This programming solution includes URL integration.
  • REST Platform – Another key programming interface is accessible by all modern developer environments, making integration with programs running on server/client operating systems and various devices simple and easy.

DocuWare can scale to meet your needs, from a single workstation solution to a multiple-organization solution to anything in between. Not sure DocuWare is for you? No problem. Just launch within a group or department and expand it from there. Intelligent ECM architecture keeps the interface simple, and the speed remains consistent across projects of all shapes and sizes.

From RoadMap to Ongoing Support

KeyMark is here to support all of your DocuWare needs. With your specific requirements in mind, we map out your transition process from start to finish, including IT integration, training and support. A clear RoadMap maximizes your return on investment and keeps your business humming along before, during and after transitioning to DocuWare. The entire experience is built around our desire to propel your business forward — and give you the tools you need to make you as effective and competitive as possible.