Grabber Case Study

The Company

Grabber Construction Products, Inc, has been long known for delivering high-quality products capable of satisfying the fast-paced and productivity-focused needs of construction workers in commercial and residential industries. The company’s core products include best-in-class screws and fasteners for a variety of wood, metal, and drywall applications – as well as construction equipment, drywall tools and materials, power drives, adhesives, and accessories.

The Challenge

With a multitude of vendors and suppliers to support a robust portfolio of product tools, adhesives, and equipment – Grabber was realizing batch and payment management within their accounts payable (AP) department as an increasingly difficult task.

The company was struggling to juggle AP batches across 14 warehouses and stored in a mix of boxes and file cabinets, making batch reviewal and document scanning for auditors time consuming and painstakingly tedious. Additional keying errors that triggered payments to incorrect vendors meant it was time for some much-needed changes.

The Solution

By pairing OnBase by Hyland with KeyMark’s CloudCapture™ Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution, Grabber was able to consolidate batch processing from their 14 locations into a single, electronically accessible ERP system, allowing AP and auditors to view needed documents online. OnBase’s processing steps also disabled the ability to make the specific keying error that was causing Grabber to pay the wrong vendors.

The Results

Without the need to manually handle, file, and store AP documents, only to eventually pay to recycle those same documents, Grabber was quickly able to capitalize on the significant time and cost savings their solutions brought on.

“Audits no longer needed invoices and related documents pulled from a file or box, scanned to an auditor, and then filed again in a cabinet or box. A BIG time saver.” – Joy Griffith, AP Supervisor

In addition to paper costs, the dedicated workforce needed to complete mission-critical AP processing was significantly reduced. Without the need for manual data filing and sorting, Grabber was able to consolidate their 14 part-time clerks to a single full-time clerk. r