South Carolina Children’s Hospital Improves Offboarding with RPA

The Problem:

Support teams at a local South Carolina Children’s Hospital received thousands of requests to offboard employees from hospital’s ERP system manually. But over 85% of existing employees didn’t even have access to the ERP to begin with.

That spelled a lot of wasted time checking access for employees who had nothing to do with the ERP system.

South Carolina RPA solution benefits offboarding at local children's hospital.

Our Solution:

Using Robotic Process Automation, KeyMark programmed RPA bots to automatically inspect employee access permissions upon exiting.

Thanks to the automomy of RPA bots, tickets for employees without ERP access are automatically closed without human intervention, while requests for employees with access are kept open for support to perform the next necessary offboarding procedures.

RPA Results

The hospital no longer receives thousands of unnecessary offboarding tasks freeing employees from mundane and time-consuming work that can now be better spent helping patients. Today, the hospital continues to leverage RPA, building integrations to monitor support requests and take action in other line-of-business applications.

Curious how RPA benefits you?

Robotic Process Automation streamlines manual and highly repetitive tasks, liberating staff for high-value decision-making tasks that can’t be automated. Contact our RPA team to learn about the benefits of an RPA partnership.