Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM)

Fuel faster business processes with Kofax Transformation Modules.

Efficiency Elevated With Kofax Transformation Modules

Transformation Modules™ is an extension of Kofax Capture that classifies, organizes and analyzes your captured documents. Eliminate the need for endless slogging through piles of documents. Transformation Modules has the capability to perform formerly labor-intensive tasks in seconds, giving your company the edge with:

  • Improved processing speed and response time
  • Highly informed employees
  • Built-in data accountability and privacy options
  • Increased operations quality and capacity
  • Feedback and analysis of business processes and operations
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Touchless processing capabilities

Data Extraction Transformed With Kofax KTM

Records, applications, claims, onboarding and many other document processing operations can be revolutionized with the advanced automation capabilities of Kofax Capture and Transformation Modules.

Become a transformed business today by:

  • Maximizing Your Investment in Capture– Record and capture any document, including hard-to-process unstructured documents, and automatically extract relevant data to use immediately in vital business processes.
  • Increasing Your Speed– Record documents and information more quickly, accelerating response times.
  • Maximizing Productivity– Capture more information using the same resources.
  • Reducing Cost– Reduce manual labor and headcount required for manual document classification, separation and data entry.
  • Improving Quality– Use Transformation Modules to increase information quality and reduce exceptions in information-intensive business processes.
  • Realizing a Speedy Return– Utilize the bandwidth provided by process automation to deploy more document transformation projects with less upfront cost and maximize your return on investment.
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