Kofax Capture Software

Automatically capture information quickly, easily and accurately.

What is Kofax Capture?

Kofax Capture is a powerful document capture platform that productively, consistently and securely extracts information from documents. It can process all types of documents and information from virtually any source and location.

What are the Benefits of Kofax Capture?

Kofax Capture securely integrates content directly into your critical business workflows and systems from any location.

Kofax Capture can even process unstructured data from business documents and emails. Through intelligent document processing, which combines multichannel document capture and intelligent optical character recognition (OCR), users have the power to quickly and accurately process any document.

The Ultimate Solution for Enterprise Data Capture

Tired of having to sift, scramble and wrangle to get the information you need? Capture it. Offering unmatched scalability, Kofax Capture imprints all types of documents and forms, transforming “miles of paper” into accurate and actionable digital information, and delivers it all to your core business applications, processes and workflows. Whether your information is found on paper or in electronic files, parked at a central office, or scattered on desktops and remote offices throughout the world, Kofax Capture can help you handle it all.

Scalable, Smart and Enterprise-Savvy

Regardless which document scanning hardware, document management software or ERP/accounting software you use, Kofax Capture achieves consistent scanning, indexing and validation of your important information. A powerful, production-level capture platform, it captures information from virtually any source: scanner, multi-function printer, print stream, email, fax, web service or folder. Plus, Kofax Capture automates capture-driven processes wherever documents are received regardless of the location, source, language or type.

Above and Beyond Data Capture.

Kofax Capture can record and classify up to 20 to 100 documents per second, boasting the highest rates among its peers. On top of powerful abilities to capture information, your enterprise processes can be made exponentially more productive by integrating with:

Transformation Modules

Extract and classify data from any captured document with unsurpassed accuracy and speed.

Kofax Analytics for Capture™

View the inner workings of your business in real-time with out-of-the-box dashboards. Kofax Analytics for Capture™ displays interactive views of system performance and productivity to better enable reporting on the effectiveness of Capture and to provide valuable information to improve overall system throughput.

Kofax Smart Process Applications (SPAs)

Kofax SPAs integrate multi-channel captured information into your ECM and other data-centric systems, and Kofax TotalAgility® leads the way as the world’s first smart process application development and deployment platform.

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