Kofax Smart Process Applications

Sync critical customer interactions with Smart Process Applications.

Making Your Organization Smarter With Smart Process Applications

Kofax Smart Process Applications (SPAs) dramatically transform and simplify the critical First Mile™ of information-dependent customer interactions. By binding collaborative business processes together, SPAs help deliver increased efficiency, streamlined document processing and enhanced customer experiences.

Why Integrate a Smart Process Application?

  • Customer care – Significantly improve your company’s responsiveness and customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Competitive advantage – Gain a bird’s eye view of your company’s efficiency with process viewing and analytics, giving you much-needed insight on potential issues and an edge over your competitors.
  • Cut backtracking – Eliminate the need for costly, slow and error-prone communications, backtracking and document shuffling.

Kofax’s groundbreaking SPA software offerings have been designed with you and your industry in mind:

Kofax AP Agility™

Kofax AP Agility™ automates end-to-end accounts payable operations, allowing for substantially improved visibility, control and transaction management. This industry-leading SPA provides you with detailed analytics, a self-service supplier portal and multichannel invoice capture with touchless data extraction and validation for starters.

Kofax® Mortgage Agility™

Kofax® Mortgage Agility™ revolutionizes the First Mile™ of the mortgage application process. This SPA is an answer to the antiquated, paper-laden traditional mortgage process, offering a new opportunity for borrowers and lenders to communicate and collaborate as mutual stakeholders via an ingenious automated process.

Kofax MarkView® for AP

Kofax MarkView® for accounts payable reduces cycle times and costs while optimizing process control and cash flow management. This automation solution is built on cutting-edge information capture, data extraction and invoice processing. Built with AP best practices in focus, MarkView® completes operations with the discrepancy processing, resolution and accounting details you need.

Kofax MarkView® AP Advisor

Kofax MarkView® AP Advisor is the industry’s first real-time financial SPA that enables organizations to achieve world-class efficiency and effectiveness. Designed for finance executives, MarkView AP Advisor enables finance managers to strategize and optimize finance processes by providing an integrated dashboard perspective on all operations, from comprehensive overviews to detailed transaction summaries. Additionally, MarkView AP Advisor allows the user to intervene any time it’s necessary to resolve issues impacting departmental performance.

Kofax SupplierExpress™

An add-on option to Kofax MarkView®, SupplierExpress™ is a self-service AP portal that simplifies routine supplier interactions. Automate your invoice submission and inquiries for the buyer-supplier community on a web-based user interface that is designed to be simple and succinct.

Kofax Optitrade™

Kofax Optitrade™ optimizes trade management solutions, including financial message handling, transaction matching, reconciliation and workflow. Brokers and investment managers are empowered to manage, monitor and measure total securities and cash transactions. Kofax Optitrade™ can be deployed alone or together with the Kofax TotalAgility® platform depending on the needs of your financial institution.

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