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Kofax is a great choice. KeyMark is a great choice for Kofax support.

KeyMark and Kofax: A Winning Team

As a Silver Kofax Partner, KeyMark offers Kofax support services for enterprises choosing Kofax to help them solve their First Mile™ challenge. Support starts with helping you integrate Kofax at your organization, but it doesn’t end once we’ve completed the project.

Long after you’ve realized a return on your investment, we’re here to answer your questions, provide you and your team with training and perform a wide range of other requests and enhancements. This level of support includes more technical tasks like keeping your software secure and up-to-date, but also includes more hands-on services like answering your questions by phone or email or even meeting with you face-to-face to ensure you’re leveraging Kofax in the smartest, most effective ways possible.

What’s the Silver Difference?

As a prized reseller and Kofax support partner, our team receives specialized training and certifications that allow us to integrate and deploy Kofax Capture, SPAs and other solutions to give you the insight you need to improve efficiency and enhance profitability.

Our depth of experience is available to you through a number of ongoing support plans (Silver, Gold and Platinum). All of our support plans include unlimited email and phone support during business hours. Support coverage also scales to include more specialized services like designated support contacts, executive visits and more. Customers choose us because we:

  • Partner – KeyMark ensures successful Kofax implementation by assigning a dedicated team to your project to get your new software running perfectly for launch. We integrate Kofax software seamlessly with your current ERP, CRM and LOB systems.
  • Train – KeyMark educates you and your team at the outset of implementation and, if desired, on an ongoing basis.
  • Monitor – KeyMark delivers unique business process analytics, providing you with metrics that measure success in real-time.
  • Advance – KeyMark offers Kofax support plans that are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.
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