Making Your People More Productive – and Your Systems More Powerful

Your core banking platform is great for handling banking documents, but how well does it integrate with your other systems? By leveraging today’s scalable and flexible information management capabilities, you can automate, and accelerate, business processes across your entire bank. Ultimately, increasing customer satisfaction, employee productivity and your bank’s bottom line. KeyMark can help you integrate modern technologies with your core banking platforms, your loan origination system and other key business applications. Here are a few ways you can increase efficiency by automating workflow and tasks across your financial organization:

Increasing Productivity:

  • Manage documents and data electronically for secure, paperless processing
  • Users access integrated information directly from their core banking platform
  • Acquire faster approvals from managers and executives
  • Real-time data empowers you to make better decisions

Minimizing Security and Compliance Concerns:

  • Share information securely and easily with internal and external audiences
  • Improve fraud investigation with 360-degree view of case-related information
  • Automate document retention to address audit and compliance concerns

Reducing Costs:

  • Deliver better customer service and, thus, improve customer loyalty
  • Automate lending to expedite loan closings and improve customer service
  • Bring check processing in-house and save on third-party fees
We understand that you may never completely eliminate paper in banking, but you can greatly increase productivity, and reduce the burdens of routing, storing and printing. More importantly, with the right technologies, you can make your existing core system investments more powerful, while making your people more productive. Let our team explain how we’ve helped banks, credit unions, wealth management firms and other financial institutions make information easier and gain competitive advantages. 

Go ahead. Be more productive.

Our experts work hard to make information easy for you and those you serve.
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