Automating Commercial, Consumer and Mortgage Lending

Loan automation addresses many of the issues that lending businesses face. Increasing loan volumes while decreasing dependency on paper, for example, is a common goal among our lending customers, whether their specialty is commercial, consumer or mortgage lending. Our technologies accomplish both objectives, centralizing your loan documents and data in digital format and automating workflow processes so you can approve and close loans faster, and better, than your competition.

KeyMark can help you reduce time, costs and risks with Loan Automation

We also help you gain a competitive advantage by empowering you to use loan automation for a wide range of lending-related tasks:

  • Process higher volumes of loans without increasing staff
  • Automate workflow and optimize processes to close more loans, more efficiently
  • Securely share files with third-party providers and investors online
  • Deliver better customer service by responding to inquiries and requests immediately
  • Create new workflows on-the-fly, without custom code or relying on IT all of the time
  • Enable multiple users, in multiple locations, to access files simultaneously
  • Provide seamless integrations between loan origination systems and other systems
  • Mitigate risk with greater compliance and fraud detection

At KeyMark, we understand that the amount of information your organization stores and administers may become overwhelming at times. Fortunately, we have years of experience helping lenders implement loan automation solutions, expedite closings and audit compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Go ahead. Be more productive.

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