Outsource Repetitive Data Entry

Get off the repetitive data entry treadmill and grow your business.

Your team’s got better things to do with their time than entering data.​

We know the endless mountain of paperwork many businesses face, every single day. But, can you put an actual number on what those processes cost you in time and overhead? Better yet, have you ever calculated the potential savings you could gain from outsourced document processing?

Unless you’re a company that specializes in repetitive data entry, keeping these non-core, back office functions in-house is quite simply an inefficient use of your resources! With a partner like KeyMark, you can leverage our 21st century data processing facility to reduce your non-essential overhead costs and reclaim your talented team’s time for driving innovation and perfecting the customer experience.

Whether you just need access to our modern technology to meet short-term spikes in demand, or you want to completely revolutionize your back office processes for the future, we offer a full spectrum of document processing services:

Repetitive Data Entry

Improve the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of your operations by outsourcing repetitive data entry to our experts. We’ll work with you to identify your specific data capture needs, design a system to intake your documents, and then perform the relevant imaging and data entry faster and more securely than your team’s current capabilities. After that, we validate and verify the data before transferring it back to the platform of your choice – be it your ERP, ECM, financial databases, or nearly any other workflow system.

Data / Email Extraction
Today, your document management workflow probably exists as much in your inbox as your mailroom. Documents, data, and raw information are increasingly digitized upon entering your organization. And, KeyMark is ready to help with those business processes outsourcing requirements as well! We can securely manage the intake of all email messages and seamlessly process all attached or embedded files. Then, by indexing the scanned image and email body, we can extract and capture all essential data points directly into a database, putting the entirety of your digital communications data at your fingertips whenever you need it.
Data indexing is a beautiful thing. By converting physical document to digital format, your information is tagged and identified for rapid access. And, because this process is scalable to your needs, the indexed data can be determined by your needs – whether it’s an Employee ID, an invoice number, or even a patient name. No more shuffling papers or asking customers to please hold. Simply search, find, and retrieve information at the speed of business.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Leveraging data digitization isn’t limited to keyword searches or slowed down by lengthy re-entry processes. As scanned images are converted to PDF files, a single-pass OCR process enables you to search individual words as well as phrases across your entire document repository. This is true instant access to your wealth of data, giving you the exact right piece of information the moment you need it.

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BPO Overview

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