Digital Mailroom Automation and Outsourcing

Digital Mailroom Outsourcing

Increase Efficiency with a Digital Mailroom

If your organization has a need for processing incoming documents like applications, annual registrations, survey cards, license renewals or other types of information, our mailroom solution may be the perfect fit. Once mail is opened, not only can we alleviate the need for manual-based processes, we can also ensure fast and accurate document processing. Our mailroom solution includes optical character recognition (OCR) technology which will identify documents, route them through a specified workflow, and store them.

  • Document Ingestion – Documents can be scanned or emailed into the system where OCR technology will be used to identify what type of document has been received. 
  • Digital Conversion – Items are electronically scanned for high-speed document processing.
  • Data Extraction – Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software indexes the digital documents and extracts the data needed for processing.
  • Integration – Several options are available for integrating the captured data for document workflow processing, including secure FTP and cloud-based access.
  • Archiving and Back Up – After the conversion process, all digital documents can be archived and retained for document retention policies and disaster recovery.

Custom Mailroom Services

Our mailroom experts will consult with your organization and review your document management requirements to determine the most efficient and productive processes to elevate the efficiency of your organization. Then we’ll custom-craft a mailroom solution that meets your needs.

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BPO Overview

We created this helpful document to provide you with everything you need to know about our document processing service.


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See How Much Money You Can Save With Outsourcing

When every dollar counts, every decision matters. Reach out today to learn how our CloudCapture service can provide peace of mind, save you time, and put money back in your pocket!