OnBase Reporting for Accounts Payable

Automate your Accounts Payable team processes with OnBase AP reporting software

OnBase Reporting for AP

Do you know how your AP processes are really performing?

OnBase reporting provides easy and accurate document access so that vendors or financial team members are quickly alerted with real-time status updates. Without it, stakeholders are left guessing invoice status and lack visibility into upcoming cash flow.

KeyMark’s solution for accounts payable reporting, OnBase, provides new insight into your financial health. Reporting dashboards generate actionable data with ease, yielding better clarity around your invoice payment processing flow.

By accessing OnBase’s dashboard tool, your accounts payable team can:

  • View and share invoice status reports
  • Retrieve accurate and up-to-date data
  • Summarize liabilities and outstanding accounts
  • Generate accounts payable metrics for further reporting
  • Remove compliance constraints ahead of an audit

When you automate your accounts payable solutions, you have access to improved cash flow analysis, remove restrictive bottlenecks, and limit time needed for cumbersome audit preparation.

Audits can be time-consuming, requiring accounts payable teams to quickly retrieve updated records. In the event of an audit, OnBase minimizes compliance issues by hosting documents in one single, secure location that allows users to search for reports or crucial information ahead of time. 

Accounts Payable reporting allows users to access their entire library to confirm required documents and discover broken transactions. Generate aging and expired reports from one complete repository to eliminate headaches that accompany the path to compliance.

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Improve cash flow predictions with accurate Accounts Payable data

Take the guesswork out of cash flow management with automated solutions for your accounts payable teams. With new visibility into invoice volume data and statuses, OnBase reporting dashboards graph data and information for improved clarity along every step of the payment process. Accounts Payable stakeholders can proactively monitor any liabilities that might impact cash flow predictions, granting AP teams peace of mind around their financial health.

OnBase reporting dashboards provide clarity into hard-to-track Accounts Payable metrics

AP dashboards streamline communications and inefficiencies to allow accounts payable teams to easily track and monitor their invoice process performance. From one platform, account managers can view augmented performance metrics around employee workload and invoice payment and approval times. With the data and critical information at their fingertips, Accounts Payable departments eliminate holdups from unrealistic team workloads and can discover new opportunities for improvement.  

AP reporting interactive dashboards allow users to

  • Analyze and generate real-time trends
  • Translate data into easy-to-understand graphs
  • Provide data access to users across the organization without burdening IT
  • Monitor performance analytics with an interactive format

Capture Invoices

» Minimize staff touches per transaction
» Eliminate data entry or re-keying information
» Instantly access related payment documents, like receipts and packing slips
» Access invoices from both mobile and desktop applications
» Speed up employee training with standardized processes
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Invoice Processing

» View details and status of all invoices in process
» Track and report on accruals based on invoice status
» Access and view associated documents in other systems
» Gain insight into process bottlenecks and staff workloads
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ERP Integration

» Feed data from invoice documents to your ERP
» Access the information & processes you need without ever leaving your ERP interface
» View supporting documents directly from the corresponding records in their financial management applications.
» Speed up employee training with standardized processes
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