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Say goodbye to manual invoicing and hello to invoice automation

If you’re still processing a combination of paper and digital invoices, scanning documents into email, or tracking receipts across multiple sources, you should ask yourself, why manually process invoices when you can automate them? Invoice automation is your answer.

Invoice automation software scans and captures software data across any format

Invoice automation software uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to accurately and completely capture invoices, preventing lost revenue, duplicate data entry, and mis-keyed information.

OnBase invoice scanning technology allows users to easily scan paper invoices to Excel, EDI and PDFl formats and import invoices from popular software programs. Enable your AP teams to quickly retrieve information and extract crucial data, including PO numbers, vendor names or check amounts.

Artificially-intelligent invoice capture software extracts critical information down to the line item and across handwritten characters. It can integrate with your ERP, to easily identify data errors, validate information against your database, and update records while scanning the invoice.

As a result, your AP department can create a single digital library for comprehensive document storage directly inside your ERP. Sort and find packing slips, check images, emails, and scanned communications with newfound simplicity.

Learn how one South Carolina Healthcare System simplified manual invoice processing through electronic capture and automation to generate newfound efficiencies.

AI can transform your invoice data capture

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Transforms Invoice Data Capture

Download this whitepaper to learn how data capture solutions with artificial intelligence give AP departments the technology a way to rid themselves of the repetitive and menial manual tasks.

Invoice Processing

» View details and status of all invoices in process
» Track and report on accruals based on invoice status
» Access and view associated documents in other systems
» Gain insight into process bottlenecks and staff workloads
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ERP Integration

» Feed data from invoice documents to your ERP
» Access the information & processes you need without ever leaving your ERP interface
» View supporting documents directly from the corresponding records in their financial management applications.
» Speed up employee training with standardized processes
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» Standardize business rules within AP workflows
» Grant or restrict staff access to documents and systems based on individual roles and needs
» Track activity of team members inside and outside AP department
» Make real-time changes to processes without IT intervention
» Automate document retention and keep a full audit trail
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We can answer all your questions and give you a demo of how the software can maximize your AP department.

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