Onboard New Investors.
Offboard Old Headaches.

Wealth Management Automation

Empowering You to Do More Business

With droves of baby boomers starting retirement each and every day, wealth management and investment advising services are quickly growing in demand. So, why does new customer onboarding still feel so frustrating for clients and advisors alike? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Overcoming these information obstacles requires the right technology – and the right partner to help get it integrated and implemented.

Representing two Gartner Magic Quadrant technology leaders, KeyMark makes wealth management easier by allowing you to: 

  • Expedite new client onboarding and account creation
  • Reduce redundant data entry from your clients and advisors
  • Provide mobile-friendly forms that are safe and secure
  • Eliminate manual data entry and error-prone, paper-based processes
  • Access the documents and data you need – whenever you need it
  • Reduce security risks, compliance concerns and audit preparation

Your technology solutions need to be both scalable and flexible, fully capable of adapting and growing as your institution grows. Equally important is choosing a partner that can help you plan, implement and support your organization’s growth. Let our experts help you choose the right solution for you, based on your institution’s unique needs.