Google Material Icons

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Commercial business store
Financial Services attach_money
Government account_balance gavel
Healthcare local_hospitality local_pharmacy
Higher Ed school
Insurance security
Supply Chain local_shipping
BPO person_pin
Capture scanner photo_camera photo picture_as_pdf add_a_photo
Case Management work card_travel
Document Conversion theaters
File Sharing folder_shared sync cached
Form Management content_paste
Integration code compare_arrows open_with
Mobile dphone_android
Reports and Dashboards pie_chart trending_up dashboard
Security fingerprint lock lock_open verified_user
Workflow transform
Cloud cloud
Computers laptop_mac
Network wifi settings_ethernet network_cell grain
Scanners room_service
Servers storage
Tablets tablet_android
Other Icons
Customer loyalty
Services build
Software apps
Support room_service

Customer Support


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Staffing Services


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