Enterprise Mobile Applications

Productivity wherever and whenever with a mobile workforce.

Moving Forward, Even When You’re on the Move

Are you giving your team the tools they need to stay productive, even when they’re on the go? We can deliver powerful information management and process automation capabilities across devices, all while connecting them with your core systems. Whether your employees are traveling between meetings – or between cities – we can enable them to take advantage of downtime, execute tasks as part of their normal workflow and grant timely approvals, eliminating bottlenecks in the process.

Need a mobile-ready workforce? No problem.

Your people in the field can take photos, submit forms, capture electronic signatures, upload attachments and more – all from their favorite devices. For road warriors who stay on the go and may not always have a network connection, our solutions can allow them to work offline, automatically syncing their work as soon as they connect again.

With mobile information management, you can do more with your data, including:

  • Access the information you need anytime, anywhere
  • Capture electronic signatures, images and files on the go
  • Use your phone or tablet as a document scanner
  • Collect critical information through easy-to-access forms
  • Complete tasks as part of your normal workflow
  • Trigger processes and route content to others easily
  • Stay involved with decision-making even when you’re travelling
  • Prevent bottlenecks by notifying staff of tasks awaiting approvals
  • Work offline and files sync automatically once connected again
  • Set granular permissions to restrict access and ensure security

Outshining Your Competition With Mobile Capabilities

If you’re looking for an edge over your competition, don’t underestimate the power of mobile workflow management. By keeping your team constantly connected and integrating our solutions with your core systems, you can provide smarter, faster and overall better customer service than your competitors. Contact us today to learn more about making your mobile workforce more effective than ever.