Virtual Inspections for Claims

Livegenic Virtual Inspection Software

Interactive Communication for Insurance

Livegenic is committed to providing virtual inspection for claims processing that is: user-focused, secure, scalable, attractive, and reliable. Ultimately, the goal is to simplify and improve your organization’s ability to communicate with clients. Through KeyMark and Livegenic, you can attain shorter cycle times, save money on claims processing costs, achieve greater customer satisfaction, and much more!

With a virtual inspection for claims and comprehensive onsite inspection tool like Livegenic, your claims and underwriting departments can

  • Receive, create, and manage claim files
  • Allow your field teams to capture live or offline photos and videos
  • Review all collected documentation
  • Get the job done faster and easier with one-touch PDF Photo reports, document exchange, and assignment management
  • Upgrade claims processes with policyholder self-service

Livegenic Virtual Inspection Features Include:

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The Numbers Don't Lie

We created this infographic to provide data that shows how Livegenic's industry-leading virtual inspection platform can transform your insurance business!

Benefits of Livegenic

Custom Integrations, Analytics, and Data Science

Full Support – Design, Development, and Delivery

24/7 IT Support

100% Success Guaranteed by History

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