Insurance Technology Integrations

Market-leading, proprietary or homegrown? We integrate the full spectrum of solutions.

Maximize Your Technology Investment By Integrating Your Core Technologies

With core processes like policy administration, claims administration and underwriting, the insurance industry is one of the most document-driven industries today. It’s no surprise then that many carriers have developed their own proprietary claims processing and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. For these carriers, the question remains: how do you make the most of your existing investment without falling behind? With a full suite of award-winning ECM solutions, we can help you leverage today’s most advanced document management technologies by integrating our solutions with your existing systems. Perhaps your processes are inextricably tied to your homegrown systems, but you need more advanced document viewing, imaging, storage and workflow technologies. Or maybe you need a case management solution that can be rapidly deployed and will be flexible enough to grow with you over time. Whatever the case, our experts will work with you to identify all sources of information, from internal applications to external vendors to other line-of-business systems, and tie them all together in the most intuitive and future-proof ways possible. Here’s how we do it:
  • Integrate internal applications, third-party tools and other line-of-business systems
  • Centralize system interfaces and reduce the inefficiencies of toggling multiple screens
  • Expedite processes by providing instant access to information
  • Exchange data in real-time between multiple systems and applications
  • Analyze incoming data from third parties
  • Reduce – or eliminate – search time for users with one, easy-to-use interface
  • Reduce the need for manual data entry
  • Design a solution that can evolve to meet your ever-changing business needs
  • Deploy a solution rapidly without the need for custom coding

Which Integration Method Best Suites Your Needs?

We can integrate our award-winning ECM solutions with your core systems in a variety of ways.

Enterprise Application Integrations

By integrating with your enterprise’s existing applications, you can reduce costs, speed up processes and make the transition even easier for staff, improving user adoption and overall satisfaction.

Any Application

A full suite of APIs gives you unlimited flexibility, and Web Services Publishing allows you to query 3rd-party systems with point-and-click configuration and zero custom coding. The result is better insight – and better decisions.

Productivity Add-Ins

Now you can leverage all of the productivity tools that you use the most, whether it’s your preferred email application, Microsoft Office or SharePoint, so you can continue working without leaving the primary application. Between acquisitions, changing organizational structure and rapidly developing technology, it’s impossible to predict the future. However, our professional services team members are experts at creating and implementing ECM solutions that scale and evolve with insurance organizations over time.