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OnBase Governance Rules as a Service

Data security doesn’t end when you’re done with a document.

Your document retention strategy needs intelligence, too.

You can gain tremendous efficiencies by implementing an intelligent content management system like Hyland Onbase. Every team member who needs access to a document has it at their fingertips in real time. But, what happens to those files when they age out of your internal governance rules and are no longer needed? You expose your organization to risk any time you keep a document beyond what is necessary legally, culturally, or operationally.

Rather than crafting an exhaustive document retention strategy with the complex and expensive legal consultations needed to ensure the safety and security of your organization and your team, look to a solution that’s proven. Look to KeyMark and Hyland’s Governance Rules as a Service.

In partnership with Iron Mountain®’s Policy Center, Hyland has created a document storage solution that instantly applies your aggregated, updated, and easy-to-understand retention regulations and citations across the entire OnBase enterprise information platform.

Not only will this solution protect your team from holding documents past when they should be destroyed, it will ensure that the property processes are followed in removing the documents. It will reduce the content volume in regular audits caused by typical database bloat. And, it will reduce your legal liability and fees associated with traditional methods of navigating this important operational task.

The Best Teams Coming Together, For You

Hyland’s team has engineered this solution to maximize OnBase’s security and efficiency, while looking to Iron Mountain’s reputation as a leader in document retention strategy to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Together with your KeyMark team, you can remove the burden of document management from your team and return that focus to tasks that grow your business -relationships and innovation. Take confidence in your regulatory processes by partnering with proven leaders in document retention and destruction. 

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