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OnBase and Workday: The Best of Both Worlds Brought Together

Hyland Named a Workday Certified Solution Partner

Hyland has designed its flagship product OnBase in such a way that it easily integrates with a wide range of mission-critical applications, whether those applications are home-grown solutions or today’s leading software solutions. One such leading solution is Workday, a popular cloud-based ERP system for finance, human capital management and planning, and OnBase integrates beautifully with it, as seen with the launch of OnBase AP Automation for Workday earlier this year.
If you are already familiar with this product, you may know that Hyland is quickly emerging as the leader in the Workday AP integration space. What you may not know, however, is that Hyland is now officially recognized as a Workday Certified Solution Partner. That’s big news for a variety of reasons, and it’s especially exciting if you’re interested in leveraging both technologies to automate processes and improve operations at your organization.

OnBase and Workday Working Hand-in-Hand

In early 2018, Hyland released OnBase AP Automation for Workday. The product launch was met with widespread enthusiasm in the market because Workday is a favorite solution among OnBase customers. So why bring OnBase and Workday together? For starters, the integration allows you to automate document capture and improve document management, all with immediate access to Workday screens.

What Does This Certification Mean for You? 

In short, it means peace of mind. Because Hyland has been designated as a Workday Certified Solution Partner, OnBase AP Automation for Workday solution has been fully vetted by Workday engineers and product management, providing you with a seamless experience between the two solutions. As a Workday Partner, Hyland’s products will enhance your ERP experience and dramatically improve your business processes.

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