Healthcare Automation Case Study Video

Healthcare Process Automation Case Study Video

Learn how KeyMark helped a leading cancer research hospital implement healthcare software that empowers their staff to devote more attention to life saving tasks!​

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Manually processing invoices is time intensive for any organization.

At one of the world’s most comprehensive cancer research institutes, that valuable time equates to life-saving research that can literally mean life and death for patients. To give them the utmost attention, the cancer center sought to reduce their processing time by automating invoice retrieval and document storage.

Although they initially implemented early automation, there was still room for significant improvement. They needed enhanced invoice tracking for financial reporting while decreasing errors in the process. So, they turned to a new solution to automate the remaining 75% of their paper invoices.           

Using AnyDoc’s AnyApp by Hyland Software, KeyMark helped them capture paper and import invoices into OnBase as well as extract and identify any questionable data.           

Through OnBase, the cancer research center could perform a two-way match of invoice data extracted from AnyDoc, then match them up in PeopleSoft, the Center’s ERP system.

With KeyMark’s electronic workflow system and data extraction solution, the cancer center’s accounts payable department saw significant improvements in the process.

Before automating, the team specialized in its own invoices or internal documents. Now, each specialist is cross-trained and can step into other roles, opening mail, scanning, processing and researching invoices in OnBase. As a result, team members are more efficient, which provides a better user experience for their cancer patients.

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