Nash County Automates Medicaid Records

Medicaid Record Automation in Nash County, NC

Nash County, North Carolina is implementing a new electronic system to improve the way documents are handled within its Social Services Department.

KeyMark was selected to engineer and implement a document management solution to help Nash County manage the large number of records it maintains related to Adult Medicaid.

“We are required to collect and store a large number of documents related to Medicaid,” said Bruce Harper, Nash County’s CIO/Director. “We knew that we needed to have a system in place that would enable us to keep track of our documents and easily access them.”

To help Nash County meet its business goals, KeyMark helped implement and configure a Hyland OnBase enterprise content management solution.

“With the system’s core capabilities in document imaging, electronic document management, workflow and records management, Nash County will have the ability to easily scan, store, and retrieve all of its documents electronically,” said Jim Wanner, CEO at KeyMark. “However, from a document perspective, Nash County had some complicated challenges. They regularly use more than 230 different document types such as different forms, applications, etc. Every one of these had to be accounted for and configured to fit Nash County’s business processes.”

This project is setting the foundation for the future in Nash County. The County plans to grow the solution by developing automatic electronic workflows, which will instantly route documents through business processes as each task is completed.

“Our vision is to continue growing the solution by adding functionality and rolling it out to other departments (beyond Adult Medicaid),” said Harper. “We’re excited about the benefits this solution will have for both our employees and County residents. It really propels us to where we want to be both now and in the future.”

Nash County worked with KeyMark in adapting the solution so that it would also integrate with the North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology (NC FAST) tools when NC FAST reaches Nash County.  The NC FAST program improves the way the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and county departments of social service do business through technological tools, business processes and information sharing.

“We’re looking forward to the many efficiencies the new system offers,” said Harper. “The less time our employees have to spend on administrative tasks means the more time they’ll have assisting community members.”