Moark LLC Automation Case Study

Leading egg company, Moark, LLC, engaged KeyMark to engineer and implement an OnBase document management and workflow solution for its accounts payable department. Headquartered in Fontana, California, Moark is a national marketer, distributor, processor, and producer of fresh shell eggs.

“Once the new solution is in place, we’re anticipating significant efficiency gains and improved processes,” said Bob Mealey, director of finance administration for Moark. “One of the goals of this project is to create a centralized invoice processing environment, where invoices can be captured from our various field locations and the data will be automatically imported into our new central electronic document management solution.”

To help Moark address its accounts payable challenges, KeyMark will engineer the solution to integrate with Moark’s current enterprise software systems.

“The solution will enable Moark users to scan paper invoices from remote locations, which will be automatically imported for processing,” said Victoria Newman, vice president of sales and marketing at KeyMark. “Once the invoice summary data is extracted, the system will present any questionable characters to a user for verification and correction.”

The solution will take the data through electronic workflow capabilities to automate tasks such as routing invoices for approvals.

“In addition to automating many of the tasks that are currently performed by hand, we’ll have image retrieval capability of our invoices and any corresponding documents as well as real-time knowledge of where our invoices are in the process through a secure system,” said Mealey.

About Moark, LLC

Moark, LLC was formed in 2000, but its underlying history is as rich and diverse as the organizations that came together to create today’s progressive egg company. As a feed dealer in Mo., Hollis Osborne began Moark Productions in 1957, which is the company that was the genesis for Moark, LLC.  Hollis’ vision for a national, consolidated egg company was realized when Moark Productions joined with Land O’Lakes in 2000 to form Moark, LLC.  With the new joint venture, Moark acquired various companies with good histories, strategic markets, and seasoned management.  It also seized an opportunity to develop a national LAND O LAKES® brand egg to complement other brands it marketed—such as Eggland’s Best® and local premium labels. In 2006, Land O’Lakes acquired 100% of the ownership of Moark, LLC. Moark is headquartered in Fontana, CA and also maintains offices in Neosho, MO and Bozrah, CT.