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Livegenic Overview

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Webinar: Livegenic Overview

Livegeniclivegenic-logo is a real-time video platform designed to help insurance organizations enhance the claim process and customer service. 

In this webinar Loden Cullar-Ledford, VP of Customer Success at Livegenic, walks you through the features and benefits of the Livegenic platform. As more and more organizations move towards virtual capabilities, understanding this technology will help you stay competitive in an evolving industry. The webinar will also:

  • Discuss current industry challenges and show how Livegenic addresses and provides capabilities for each one
  • Provide the Numbers: You will see exactly where and how Livegenic is providing organizations more time, money, and overall value than their current processes
  • Give a live demonstration of Livegenic at work, showing you how to navigate the user-friendly interface and how easily a claim can be processed.

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