AmWINS Case Study

The Challenge

One of AmWINS Group, Inc’s greatest differentiators is AmLINK, their proprietary policy and billing system. AmWINS identified the need to complement AmLink with a document management solution to leverage document viewing, imaging, storage and workflow. Their search parameters required a platform that was well suited for the insurance industry, was highly flexible, and could be rapidly deployed and modified to meet their ever-changing business needs.

Initially, AmWINS considered developing their own document management system, but quickly realized that supporting acquisitions, new divisions, and the overall speed at which their business was growing would demand a modern, market-leading enterprise content management (ECM) solution that did not require extensive custom coding.

The Solution

After evaluating various ECM options, AmWINS turned to KeyMark for an OnBase enterprise solution. With KeyMark’s assistance, OnBase was fully integrated with AmLINK to provide it’s 800 users with instant access to documents, robust workflows and improved productivity.

The Requirements

  • Maximize traditional workflows
  • Automate knowledge-based processes
  • Allow for custom solutions without the costs or delays of custom coding
  • Flexibility and configurability to scale across the entire back office

The Results

  • Migrated 30 million documents into OnBase
  • Produced greater visibility into delays and bottlenecks in workflow processes
  • Established a rapid development platform for future workflows without custom coding


With more than $10.2 billion in premiums annually, AmWINS Group, Inc. is among the largest wholesale insurance brokers in the U.S. Providing a diversified mix of property, casualty and group benefits products, AmWINS employs more than 3,400 people in 108 offices across 17 countries.

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