FileNet Conversion

Just because you’ve relied on FileNet for years doesn’t mean you have to keep it forever.

Just because you’ve relied on FileNet for years doesn’t mean you have to keep it forever.


Especially if the system has become too complex or costly to maintain or lacks the functionality you need.

If you’ve been using FileNet Content Manager as your ECM and it’s time for an upgrade, you may be wondering what else is out there. Or maybe you’re feeling that you might find a solution that better fits the needs of your business today.

You’re in luck if you’re exploring alternatives to FileNet. With a turn-key conversion process from KeyMark, our team can upgrade your current FileNet system to OnBase by Hyland, the industries most converted-to ECM solution.

A Custom Solution Without Custom Coding.


With the cost of a new OnBase system typically less than the cost of a FileNet upgrade, you’ll see an immediate return on investment. An OnBase conversion managed by KeyMark will also give you complete configuration control over your ECM system – no more long waits for simple changes. And if you do need help, KeyMark’s support team will be there for you long after the conversion has occurred, offering quick and efficient resolutions and ongoing training opportunities.

Why Should You Consider Upgrading FileNet to OnBase?

  • You have the desire to reduce costs
  • You need the flexibility to administer, evolve and expand without custom coding
  • You’re feeling pressure to move to FileNet’s P8 product line
  • To avoid the high costs of FileNet P8
  • OnBase is a long-term proven leader in the ECM industry and is 100 percent focused on ECM (just like KeyMark)
  • OnBase is easier to implement, easier to administer and a lower-cost alternative than most other ECM solutions.
  • KeyMark is an established document management solutions provider that has performed hundreds of successful ECM implementations and conversions
  • You’re looking for a broader range of enterprise content management functionality.
    OnBase’s commitment to configurability over code is rare, ending custom coding and on-going integrator consultant service fees

If your FileNet solution continues to add costs without continuing to add value and you’re ready for a system that offers a broader range of functionality, let’s talk!

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