Process More Documents. Spend Less Time Doing It.

CloudCapture Plus is a cloud-based OCR as-a-service software solution

There’s Always a Silver Lining With CloudCapture Plus

CloudCapture Plus is a cloud-based OCR solution that automates high-volume document processing, classification, and data extraction, so your team can focus on more important things: like advancing your organization.


  • Minimize Errors – CloudCapture Plus utilizes optical character recognition technology to maximize the number of documents you can process and minimize the errors caused by manual data entry.
  • Decrease Costs – By leveraging OCR technology, you can process more paperwork with less personnel, allowing you to redirect those resources as needed and realize greater cost savings.
  • Integrate Directly – Integrating the data you need is a snap with CloudCapture. Just give us your files, and we’ll give you an XML file that can easily be integrated with your core system.


  • Step 1. Upload Your Images – Simply upload your Tiff or PDF files, and
    CloudCapture Plus takes it from there.
  • Step 2. We Provide OCR – Optical character recognition technology makes document classification and data extraction a breeze.
  • Step 3. You Validate & Export Data – CloudCapture Plus gives you added peace of mind by allowing you to validate the data before you integrate it with your core system.
  • Step 4. We Send Batch File – After your organization’s documents and data have been processed, we will provide you with an XML file that can be integrated into your core system.