Lawson S3 Integration with OnBase

Extend Lawson S3 with OnBase Content Management Functionality

Lawson S3 Integration with OnBase

Lawson S3 is an ERP product that particularly focuses on key areas such as healthcare, finance, government and human resources. While Lawson is ideal for recording and managing financial transactions, Lawson’s suites do not include ECM or document management. Many Lawson customers have come to us with a need for document management or ECM functionality that works with their Lawson investment. A KeyMark-Lawson integration solution leverages OnBase enterprise content management to provide an extension of Lawson’s functionality. Rather than requiring a separate application or end user experience, our solution provides integrated technology to help Lawson customers manage business documents and content. Our Lawson integrations provide users with a central repository for the enterprise’s documents and information. This allows users to retrieve images and supporting documents directly from their Lawson screens, enabling them to provide better customer service, have simultaneous access to an image and eliminate the need to pass documents around for approvals. An integration with Lawson removes the challenges associated with tedious manual and paper-based processes.

Key Benefits of an Enterprise Content Management Integration with KeyMark:

  • Provides instant access to documents without leaving Lawson
  • Helps Lawson customers optimize their business processes, improve efficiencies and better meet regulatory requirements
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Simplifies approvals by eliminating manual actions
  • Little or no additional training
  • Integrated solution across your entire organization
  • Quickly deployable
  • Creates a single, central repository for your enterprise’s supporting documents and information
  • Automates processes across your organization, such as workflows
  • Routes documents electronically
  • Document imaging and management
  • Enterprise report management
  • Ability to create e-forms
  • Provides better visibility for management into process status, decision-making and reporting
  • Automates indexing to reduce manual data entry into Lawson
  • Strengthen records management compliance and auditing
  • Increased document security

Why the Lawson-OnBase partnership matters.

As partners, Lawson and OnBase by Hyland work to ensure their solutions support and strengthen each other. As a Lawson Technology Partner, OnBase maintains a dedicated team of employees in customer support, product development, sales and strategic alliances. Additionally, OnBase’s core industry focus aligns directly with Lawson’s, so it is guaranteed they understand your industry. To provide a strong and consistent integration with Lawson, OnBase by Hyland:
  • Attends regular meetings with Lawson to share product strategies and create advantages for our mutual customers
  • Participates in the Lawson development roadmap, ensuring OnBase stays in sync with Lawson functionality and a strong integration remains
  • Provides a consistent solution delivery with a continuous and effortless upgrade path between Lawson and OnBase

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