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Tips for Contacting KeyMark Support

Here are some helpful tips you should know before you contact KeyMark Support:

  • Be ready to provide as much information as possible about your system and the problems you are experiencing.
  • Know what version of each product you are using (OnBase, Kofax, etc.).
  • Note the database platform, version and service pack level numbers.
  • Know the version and release level of the operating system you are using.

Note that KeyMark’s support team uses secure, online support technology to share your desktop so they can solve problems and answer questions real-time.

Communicating with the Support Team for Standard Support

Email Support

Email is the desired method of reporting problems. If an issue is causing a Production Emergency, please note it is a Production Emergency in the subject line, this will allow a support representative to be pulled from another issue if need be to provide immediate assistance.  For non-production emergencies, email also gives you the opportunity to describe the issue and KeyMark time to analyze it before responding. Responses are usually handled on the day received.

Phone Support

Telephone support is the best vehicle for emergency support needs. If a voicemail indicates all of our support representatives are unavailable, please  leave a VM indicating it is a Production Emergency or you may press “0” to reach the KeyMark operator. Tell the operator you need emergency support and someone will swiftly respond.

Tracking Tickets

Your system issues will be logged into our support logging and tracking application which enables us to record a description of the problem, history and resolution. Our reporting capabilities allow us to retrieve historical data as required.

Prioritizing Tickets

Every support issue is categorized into three different severity levels, according to the amount of interruption occurring to a customer’s business.

Major Issues

More severe support issues may include an interim resolution to restore system availability followed by a final resolution.

Minor Issues

Less severe support issues will be addressed during normal business hours with the goal of resolving issues within 48 hours from the first notification. Throughout the support process, KeyMark strives to handle all issues as quickly as possible, staying in close communication with the client until a resolution is reached.

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