AI in Insurance

Automating Insurance with RPA

Status quo technology is a liability.

If Policyholders > Processes, Then Intelligent Automation > Paperwork.

The insurance industry is legendary for the volume of paperwork it can produce. In today’s digital-first world, your customers expect a different experience. They want instant access to the information and services they need. And, they don’t care what internal processes it might take to deliver that. From sign-up to claim submission to payout, the game is changing. Are you willing to risk getting left behind?

AI in insurance: The future of risk-management.

We invite you to take a look at the future of automation in insurance claims, while your competitors keep juggling spreadsheets.  If you’re ready to differentiate yourself while reducing cost, maximizing efficiency, and improving your team’s morale, it’s time to talk about Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Insurance Agency Automation Systems

In RPA solutions, software-based robots or “digital workers” are designed to communicate between platforms, applications, and data sources to streamline administrative processes and tasks. Using predetermined workflows and instructions, digital workers do exactly what your team already does, just faster and more accurately, reducing risk and human error in the process.

It may sound simple, but RPA proves its deep value in your technology stack by specifically addressing the highly repetitive, mundane tasks that slow businesses down… like the high-volume data entry associated with claims management. In turn, your team is freed from tedious busywork and able to focus instead on higher-order, human tasks like driving innovation, improving the customer journey, and building relationships.

How can RPA automate insurance claims processing for you?

3 Reasons

you should consider automating insurance claims processing.

Accuracy mitigates risk.

RPA delivers 100% accuracy, a number human data entry can’t touch. It’s also more cost-effective, and faster. Whether for health insurance claims automation or managing property and personal insurance policies, RPA can be applied to many critical business functions.

Policies are really people.

While your digital workers are busy helping you manage high volumes of new business, underwriting and claims processing, your team will be enjoying newfound fulfillment working with purpose to build better customer relationships - the heart of your business.

Numbers don’t lie.

RPA increases staff productivity, service levels and capacity by 35-50%, while creating an immediate 25-50% cost savings. Process cycle times drop by nearly 50% on average, while handling times fall 40% on average.

It’s time for a technology risk assessment.

The answer you’ll get is that digital transformation technologies like RPA and other automation solutions are changing the way business gets done. Your customers already know it. Now, you can partner with KeyMark and stay ahead of the curve.

From claims management and underwriting to fraud detection and regulatory compliance, the heart of your customers’ experience is your ability to serve them quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. After all, that’s the reason you’re in business – serving your policyholders by protecting their health, property, assets, and livelihoods! With KeyMark on your side, you can safely do what you love and automate the rest.

Automating Insurance

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