West Star Aviation Enhances Accuracy with Intelligent Automation

The Company

West Star Aviation is an aircraft maintenance, refurbishment, and repair company originally founded in 1952. Headquartered in Colorado with nine different locations across the United States, numerous acquisitions and partnerships have made West Star one of the most engaged, technically knowledgeable, and proficient maintenance providers in the world. 

The Challenge

Prior to working with KeyMark, West Star Aviation used workflow within a document storage system but lacked any sort of automation to improve the process. After choosing OnBase as their new home for document management, the challenge became finding the best way to import documents into OnBase with the most accuracy possible. One problem, for example, was that invoice documents — which require the highest levels of accuracy — weren’t lifting the correct keywords from scans into OnBase. Correcting these errors after information was already in OnBase was a drag on processing time, and caused employees to focus on low-value tasks rather than more important work.

The Solution

West Star began to search for the best form of workflow automation for their OnBase solution, and they eventually settled on the off-premise solution of CloudCapture BPO with KeyMark. The CloudCapture solution outsourced scanning and uploading to KeyMark, freeing up time and resources for West Star Aviation in their daily processes. In fact, after implementing CloudCapture, West Star’s document keyword accuracy moved from 50% to almost 90%.

“Moving to Cloud Capture BPO processing improved greatly the accuracy of document keywords being lifted from our scans. It also allowed us to reduce the amount of time our company spends importing documents into OnBase and correcting keyword errors after the fact, as we now import into CloudCapture and Keymark does the BPO processing for us.” – Katie Lowenstein, Support Specialist

Additionally, KeyMark assisted in creating a data query that allows OnBase to use logic, enabling some invoices in West Star’s account payable department to move entirely through their processing system without ever needing a human to interact with them. The result is a workforce much less frustrated with wasted time spent on correcting errors, and more focused on the higher-value tasks they perform each day. Time, and therefore money, is saved when intelligent automation is applied to business processes!