Video: Human Resource Automation in Grocery Stores

Video: Human Resource Automation in Grocery Stores

Watch how one southeastern grocery chain automated their human resources processes using robotic process automation (RPA) and an OnBase ECM tool, saving them thousands of hours and dollars in the process.

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When two large regional grocers merged, they were quickly drowning in back office chaos. With 72,000 active associates, finding paper records was almost impossible — and it was wearing their team out. Exhausting searches. Hours of frustrating research. And a major headache for Human Resources.

The combination of OnBase Enterprise Content Management and Robotic Process Automation was the answer. Together with KeyMark, not only did they solve this paper problem, they freed their people from routine, data-driven processes. And, gave employees the chance to do more fulfilling work.

Despite the magnitude of the project, a resilient project team was able to clearly map out their vision for process improvement: first, identify all document types and retention periods. Then, determine which legacy systems can be decommissioned and how. Finally, gather the mountain of paperwork and start digitizing all of it. 

Once the company’s information finally lived in a single enterprise system, the data was accessible to a new RPA digital workforce. Adding deeper insights, efficiencies, and security, the RPA component was built to scale as needed. Today, they automate 90% of the previously manual processes in HR and have added 6 other digital workers to the team, each saving their talented workforce hours of tedious, repetitive data entry.

Here’s what their technical project lead had to say about the success of RPA: 

Rather than having talented, intelligent people working to process data in multiple systems, and otherwise wasting a lot of talent, they’re finding enjoyment and fulfillment in their roles. And, our hiring process is now the most efficient it has been in 10 years!” 

Because of their tenacious commitment to leveraging technology for process improvement, they’ve successfully hired 36k new associates in 3 years under a 90% automated HR solution. They’ve saved over 3,000 labor hours and more than fifty-three thousand dollars in labor cost avoidance. 

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