Santa’s Automation Video

Santa's Secret to Christmas Magic

Ever wonder how Santa keeps up with all the requests; the naughty and nice list, confirming the data, or even planning his route? KeyMark gives you a behind the scenes look at how he gets it all done.

Do you need to automate to make the magic happen?

Automation is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you already have automation software in place or need to add it, KeyMark is ready to help! Let’s start a conversation about what solutions can make you as popular as the man in red!

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Maybe you need more information about intelligent automation and how it can help your organization. We have a wealth of resources to help you better understand the benefits and processes needed to leverage the same technology as Santa!

Dont’ Have Time to Watch? Here’s the Video Transcription.

Do you ever wonder how Santa gets it all done? The letters. The toys. The joy of every good little boy and girl the whole world over.

It’s so much responsibility.

Well, his secret is automation.

Every letter that arrives at the North Pole runs through a scanner station. Using Optical Character Recognition technology, each handwritten letter is digitally captured and logged.

Instantly, the request is stored with that child’s record, along with exactly what they asked for this year.

Santa’s bag of tricks doesn’t stop there, though. He relies on a new kind of elf-power… Robotic Process Automation. While his elves focus on their strengths – building all those toys – his digital worker bots seamlessly manage tracking each child’s performance this year. 

Santa doesn’t leave anything to chance, either. With a wink and a nod, he can instantly survey his most important allies – the children’s parents!  How do you think he knows when you’re awake?!

And those infamous lists? Forget the dusty old books and scrolls. Today, Santa’s naughty and nice lists are compiled in cutting edge dashboards fed by multiple connected databases… all in real-time.

But, that doesn’t mean he’s not checking it twice!  Santa makes sure no nice child ends up with a lump of coal by validating each of their entries manually.

With a twist of his nose, and the press of a button, Santa’s work is practically done. Off the nice list goes, through the system’s workflow, and into the order entry system. It’s never been easier for elves to match each order with speed and accuracy.

And, to cut down on Mrs. Claus’ laundry workload, Santa can even verify important data points in advance, like which chimneys still need to get cleaned!

When the magical night arrives, all the hard work is done, and Santa can simply follow his route and spread joy and cheer to all who hear…. Ho, ho, ho!

You might think the Big Man in Red has earned that long winter’s rest, but it’s so easy to send one last spark of Christmas joy, he just can’t resist.

And, while the magic of Christmas might stretch the imagination at times, we still believe. After all, if KeyMark’s automation technology can help Santa make the world a better place, what’s possible seems endless.

Automation makes life better. It affects people in truly good ways. And, it brings joy.

May this holiday season bring you joy as well.