Hagemeyer, NA Case Study

Once Accounts Payable Manager Darien Pate discovered the extent of what KeyTrack, KeyMark’s AP Solution could do, nothing less than a total forms processing solution would do.

“We didn’t have to change to adapt to the solution. No other supplier even tried to go that far,” says Pate.

The new system went live in March of 2001. A thorough knowledge transfer ensured Pate and his system administrator had the necessary skills to configure the software as needed for changing requirements. The highly configurable nature of KeyTrack makes changes quick and painless.

“What the system looks like now is nothing like it was nine or ten months ago,” says Pate. “It continues to evolve to better support Hagemeyer needs.”

Long-Term Support

“KeyMark is able to step in very quickly with telephone or on site support to take care of any problems that may arise,” shares Pate.

Should an issue require vendor attention, KeyMark acts as a liaison so that Pate has only one number to call. Yet, it is not a number he has to call often.

“Even though KeyTrack is a comprehensive solution it’s easy to set up and use,” he says. “We very rarely have errors.” The pay center is experiencing greater efficiencies than ever before. “The overall process of managing paper is much easier,” Pate asserts. “We can control the invoices and know their status at any time.”

A Complete End-to-End Solution

KeyTrack utilizes best of breed technologies to provide optimal results with minimal hassle. Automation begins in the mailroom with an OPEX 51 machine to automate the mail opening and extraction process. This reduces manual time to extract invoices from the envelopes.

From there, only minimal sorting is required in preparation for document capture by the KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Scanner 3500. The scanner is configured to handle the wide variety of invoices and fluctuating volumes that Hagemeyer receives.

The automation continues by eliminating keypunching and the associated human error factor. AnyDoc’s AnyForm™ Technology uses OCR to read all invoices without creating a template. After the data entry is complete, the data and invoice are passed to the Hyland Software OnBase workflow.

Each invoice is then validated to ensure the required data is in place. If it is, the invoice is automatically posted to the host system via screen pasting. No programming of the mainframe was required for the project. Once the invoice clears, it is paid and filed electronically. The archived invoice is then available for retrieval by any remote site.

If the invoice does not post, it is routed for exception handling. When specific invoice information is needed, employees can view the images themselves, rather than asking other departments to spend valuable time searching through file cabinets, and then manually faxing hard copies.

The system also allows vendor communication to be handled electronically, sending invoice images and accompanying messages via email. OnBase offers a COLD storage feature that eliminates printing of reports, trimming costs as well as excess time from the workday. Electronic filing and distribution of reports saves hours each day and thousands of dollars a year in printing, filing and retrieval costs.

“Key” Capabilities

For KeyMark, “customer service” means helping companies set up better policies, processes and procedures to operate as efficiently as possible. Management Reports play a vital role in accomplishing that goal. KeyMark has developed a system that mines the workflow database and produces reports that give managers a real-time visibility to outstanding work. KeyMark capabilities in the area of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) also meet a critical industry need. Statistics show that 8% to 27% of EDI transactions will have problems and are ultimately printed and routed to the appropriate personnel for resolution. KeyTrack addresses this by allowing EDI exceptions to be integrated into the normal workflow.

A Proven Track Record Results in Proven Results

KeyMark clients benefit from our unparalleled expertise, focused commitment and years of experience. Many have realized an increase in productivity of 298% per person and costs per invoice have dropped between 22% and 64%. marketplace depends on increasing agility and preserving the bottom line these numbers speak volumes.

About Hagemeyer, NA

Located in Greenville, SC, Hagemeyer, North America’s vendors submit thousands of invoices that must be processes each month. And those numbers are on the rise. Streamlining operations was critical so eliminating the manual, paper- based method of payment processing became a priority.