First2Protect Delivers Exceptional Service Through Intelligent Automation

First2Protect Automates Using Blue Prism RPA

First2Protect is a specialist property insurer in the UK. Unlike many traditional insurers, First2Protect has embraced technological innovation to deliver more flexible, customer-centric products. Consequently, they’re known for delivering exceptionally high levels of service. Keen to maintain this advantage, the company needed a way to free up advisers’ time, so they could focus on helping customers. First2Protect did this by focusing on intelligent automation.

The Challenge

First2Protect has a well-established reputation for consistently delivering high levels of customer service. However, advisers were spending increasing amounts of time fielding transactional inquiries. And with the call center only operating between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., these inquiries were significantly hampering First2Protect’s ability to provide the advice and support its customers had come to expect. First2Protect needed a way to free up more time for advisers, so they could refocus on providing the exceptional service First2Protect was known for.

The Solution

Advisers needed a way to deal with the increased amount of transactional inquiries. Their transactional nature made them ideal candidates for intelligent automation. So, a Blue Prism intelligent digital workforce was quickly deployed.

The Results

The results have been impressive. With digital workers now handling transactional calls, advisers are spending more time delivering the advice and service customers expect from First2Protect. What’s more, the digital workforce operates 24 hours a day, which has allowed First2Protect to offer many of its call center services around the clock.

“In many cases, our internal users won’t even be aware that the digital workers are helping them behind the scenes.”
Marie Fursdon Operations Manager, First2Protect

Business Impact