Eversource Boosts Customer and Employee Engagement Using Intelligent Automation

Four million people trust Eversource to supply their electricity, natural gas and water. As the largest utility in New England, Eversource’s priority is to provide safe, top-tier service to its customers and is always looking to improve its operations. Working with intelligent automation, the energy company made effective improvements across its many business units.

The Challenge

As a large energy supplier, Eversource’s business model is complex and spans from supply chain and delivery, metering, and renewable energy programs to customer management and office operations like billing, and financials. All told, more than 8,000 employees make all of that happen. For Eversource, improving its business processes to better serve its customers was paramount, and the energy company was determined to do so in a way that was transparent and engaged employees.

The Solution

Members of Eversource’s Customer Operations’ teams were asked to identify potential customer pain points and suggest opportunities to improve its processes when interacting with customers. A prime example is customer billing special handling requests, which generate hundreds of thousands of transactions annually. These transactions could result in delayed or corrected bills for customers. With the help of intelligent automation, digital workers now process many of these transactions seamlessly and accurately, allowing Eversource employees to focus their energy on providing customers with a top-notch experience.

Applying what Eversource learned from its employees, today the energy company runs more than 50 automations, leveraging Blue Prism digital workers across the business, and the impacts have been impressive. Digital workers now handle more than one million internal transactions, allowing human workers to refocus on adding customer value. In addition to improving the customer experience, Eversource has seen over $15 million in steady state value delivered by leveraging this technology.

“Intelligent automation is becoming increasingly embedded within our core operations – transforming the way we work and the things we’re able to do for our customers.” — Shane Kokoruda, Vice President of Enterprise Business Solutions