Community Bank Cloud Capture Case Study

Video: Community Bank Cloud Capture Case Study

Watch how Cloud Capture helped to create a seamless merger of data when two banks combined.

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When a large bank acquired a smaller bank that had their own document imaging system, the full service bank was faced with manually merging their data. KeyMark provided an automated solution via our Cloud Capture BPO service. Files were shipped to KeyMark for imaging followed by a field mapping plan that combined the data into a universal format in OnBase.

The process was seamless and resulted in a significant cost savings for the bank. It spared customers and employees the messy and tedious task of a manual data merge. Here is what a spokesperson for the bank had to say:

“Training our staff on a new system would have taken 6-12 months, plus continuing education. Not to mention the logistical issues of running duplicate systems. Without our KeyMark partnership, we estimated triple-digit thousands of dollars in ongoing costs.”

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