BPO Outsourced Document Processing Example Video

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Outsourced Document Processing Example Video

This video details an outsourced document processing example. Outsourced document processing is a service where humans assist with tasks like invoice processing, digital mailroom outsourcing, data processing outsourcing and document conversions. 

Don’t Have Time to Watch? Here’s the Video Transcription. 

Meet Sophia.  

Sophia leads a smart team. She’s hired great talent with a vision for innovating their industry and a passion for solving their customers’ problems. 

But, Sophia has a problem of her own. Her team is drowning in paperwork with slow, paper-driven manual processes. All that bright talent is going to waste moving files around! And, it’s only getting worse as they grow.  

Fortunately, Sophia is an innovator herself. When she discovered KeyMark’s outsourced document processing services, she knew instantly this was her answer.  

Not only does KeyMark make her team faster, more efficient, and more accurate… 

It’s also cheaper!  

Sophia knows a game-changer when she sees one.  

With KeyMark, Sophia’s team simply emails or scans their documents to upload them – even if it’s hundreds or thousands of pages.  

Then, using proprietary OCR algorithms, KeyMark classifies the documents and extracts the data, including the ability to perform lookups to client data source to either validate extraction or extend the data capture outside the content found within the pages.  

To ensure accuracy, KeyMark’s team uses human validation techniques to make decisions beyond AI’s current capabilities, and exports the data.  

Once the files are done, KeyMark sends Sophia’s team a batch file they can upload straight to their central ERP system.  

That’s it. Without missing a beat, Sophia’s team no longer has to waste precious time on processing documents!  

Maybe now they can finally corner the market, crush the competition, and solve the argument over who’s got the best spin serve with an office table tennis tournament. 

Be like Sophia. Stop chasing the manual document management cycle and start working smarter with KeyMark. Your team’s talent is too valuable to waste, and your dreams are too big to ignore.  

Achieve real cost savings with KeyMark CloudCapture today.

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