World-Renowned Cancer Research Center Teams with Document Management Solution Provider KeyMark Inc. to Implement Automated Invoice Processing Solution


LIBERTY, S.C., April 3, 2012 –Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, a world leader in cancer research, prevention and treatment has partnered with KeyMark, Inc., an award-winning document management solution provider to implement a document management and workflow solution in its accounts payable department.

            Recognized internationally for its pioneering work in bone marrow transplantation, the Hutchinson Center occupies modern facilities on a 15-acre campus near downtown Seattle, Washington. “As a research institution devoted to the elimination of cancer and related diseases, we operate more than 200 research groups and are home to the country’s largest and oldest cancer prevention program,” said Mark Burch, director of materiels management at the Hutchinson Center. “As you can imagine, our accounts payable department is a very busy place, with a large volume of invoices continually arriving for processing.”

            To assist the Hutchinson Center in addressing its accounts payable challenges, KeyMark is implementing an automated document management and workflow solution for centralized invoice processing. The solution will enable the Hutchinson Center to gain greater efficiencies and improve processes while eliminating tasks previously performed by hand. 

            The KeyMark solution will capture paper invoices as they are received centrally by the Hutchinson Center’s accounts payable department. Invoice information will be automatically captured and used to automatically build vouchers in PeopleSoft. The solution will then retrieve information such as payment terms, vendor information and invoice data and import the data into the Hutchinson Center’s electronic document management system. Automated workflow functions will route invoices to specified users for approvals and exception handling. After exception invoices have been routed, the solution will automatically finalize the vouchers.

            “We are engineering a solution that fits the unique needs of the Hutchinson Center,” said Victoria Newman, vice president of sales and marketing at KeyMark. “It consists of several different applications and integrates with the research center’s existing systems. In the end, the Hutchinson Center will have an easy-to-use solution that automates work within the accounts payable department and enables users to instantly retrieve documents and have a real-time view of where documents are in the process at all times.”

            Once the new solution is in place, the Hutchinson Center accounts payable team anticipates significant efficiency gains. “We’re looking forward to the automation of many tasks that were performed by hand, less errors, and better knowledge of the status of our invoices through a secure system,” said Burch.

About Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s interdisciplinary teams of world-renowned scientists and humanitarians work together to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Hutchinson Center researchers, including three Nobel laureates, bring a relentless pursuit and passion for health, knowledge and hope to their work and to the world. For more information, please visit


About KeyMark Inc. 

KeyMark Inc. is an award-winning document capture, management and workflow systems provider. As a trusted industry source, KeyMark has been providing clients with customized document technology solutions since 1996. KeyMark has helped clients increase efficiencies and decrease operating costs in various industries including aerospace, healthcare, lending, government, insurance and manufacturing. As a company known for its high level of customer support and expertise in customizing solutions according to each client’s unique business operations and goals, KeyMark frequently automates business processes in the accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources department or the mail room. KeyMark is headquartered in Liberty, SC with offices in Columbia, SC; Indianapolis; Lancaster, Penn.; Rock Hill, SC; and Twin Cities, Minn. For more information, visit or call 864.343.0500.


Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, a world leader in cancer research, prevention and treatment has partnered with KeyMark, Inc., an award-winning document management solution provider to implement a document management and workflow solution in its accounts payable department.

About KeyMark

Founded in 1996, KeyMark, Inc. is a leading automation software integrator, delivering capture (OCR)content servicesworkflowcase management, and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to businesses and government organizations. KeyMark helps clients leverage technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to maximize productivity and decrease manual labor in industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and government. As a systems integrator, KeyMark offers customers professional implementation services and award-winning extended support for automation providers such as OnBase by Hyland, Blue Prism, UiPath, ABBYY and Kofax software. Additionally, KeyMark is the creator of Forms InMotion, an innovative software-as-a-service solution for forms automation; and CloudCapture, a business process outsourcing (BPO) service that includes invoice processing, digital mailroom outsourcing, data processing outsourcing and document conversions.

KeyMark is headquartered in Liberty, SC, with a regional sales office in Camp Hill, PA. For more information, call 864-343-0500.