KeyMark Expands Digital Workforce with the Addition of Billbot Baggins.

Billbot BagginsKeyMark, a leading intelligent automation provider and systems integrator, announced the addition of Billbot “Billy” Baggins to their team as an Automated Digital Worker. In this role, Baggins will focus on increasing productivity across the KeyMark team by executing repetitive tasks best suited for hobbits, or robots.

Baggins previously worked for Gandalf the White’s Lonely Mountain Expedition (LME, Inc.), where he was responsible for treasure acquisition, dwarf wrangling, and dragon intimidation. Following his retirement from LME, Baggins spent time in the magical ring protection industry before launching his own expedition commissioning service with his nephew.

“Billbot highlights KeyMark’s commitment to hiring the right person, or robot, for the task at hand,” said Clay Tuten, Vice President of Marketing. “He is a precious addition to the team, and we are thrilled to indulge his appetite for mundane tasks.”

Baggins grew up in The Shire, Middle Earth, where he recently celebrated his eleventy-first birthday. He has an education in obscure pipe tobacco with a minor in RPA. In his spare time, he enjoys magical fireworks, translating Elvish poems, and avoiding all risk.

About KeyMark

Founded in 1996, KeyMark, Inc. is a leading automation software integrator, delivering capture (OCR)content servicesworkflowcase management, and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to businesses and government organizations. KeyMark helps clients leverage technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to maximize productivity and decrease manual labor in industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and government. As a systems integrator, KeyMark offers customers professional implementation services and award-winning extended support for automation providers such as OnBase by Hyland, Blue Prism, UiPath, ABBYY and Kofax software. Additionally, KeyMark is the creator of Forms InMotion, an innovative software-as-a-service solution for forms automation; and CloudCapture, a business process outsourcing (BPO) service that includes invoice processing, digital mailroom outsourcing, data processing outsourcing and document conversions.

KeyMark is headquartered in Liberty, SC, with a regional sales office in Camp Hill, PA. For more information, call 864-343-0500.