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Our priority.

Improve your OnBase solution with a partnership focused on the most important person in the room… You.

Seven ways to know if you have the right Hyland business partner:

  1. Do they know your business – as in, really know it?
  2. Can they list your frustrations and critical pain points?
  3.  Do they have you on a continuous improvement program?
  4. Is there a sense of urgency when you contact them for help?
  5. Do you trust them to ensure your best interests are always top of mind?
  6. Is there a revolving door of contacts leaving you without a dedicated account manager?
  7. Do they even know your name?

The KeyMark Advantage

25 years automating business processes and improving enterprise value
35 Certified Hyland OnBase team members with over 125 years combined expertise
Award-winning support built upon dedicated teams and focused career paths in this area
Dedicated account managers and solution architects focused on customer success
Driven to demonstrate ROI in weeks, not months or years

A Little About KeyMark

Your business is, well… your business. At KeyMark, it’s our business to intimately know yours. As such we are committed to stand in your shoes, learn your pain points, solve your problems, and ultimately, share in your successes. It is this you-centric mindset that drives us, and that remains pervasive throughout the entire customer experience.

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We’ve helped hundreds of organizations reduce process pain points, eliminate wasted efforts, reduce cost, better utilize and retain valuable talent, and build more company value.

We'd love the chance to talk and see what we can do to help your organization.

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