Simple, repetitive, and mundane tasks are prone to errors and sap your team of productivity.

Markey, the KeyMark astronaut mascot gesturing the letter "K" in ASL

Robotic Process Automation can help.

RPA software enables employees to accomplish more meaningful, knowledge-based work with the help of a digital workforce that automates repeatable and rules-based tasks.  

How it works:

  • Start by identifying manual processes that create bottlenecks in your organization. Process mining can be used to show gaps and inefficiencies, based on data across multiple systems and processes.
  • Determine your worker/bot relationship with attended bots you control directly, unattended bots that run via server and without intervention, or a hybrid force of both.  
  • Create automations that save you time.

Know what RPA is and isn’t.

RPA is. . .

RPA isn’t. . .

RPA the KeyMark Way

With over 25 years of automating businesses, KeyMark understands the nuances of RPA platforms. There is a perfect fit for every organization and industry—let us help you find it.