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Store, access, and execute unstructured clinical data from within your EMR with OnBase

Did you know that as much as 80% of mission-critical data lives outside of most EMRs? 

The Reason — Unstructured content requires manual entry into the EMR before becoming accessible for healthcare use. In the end, that costs both employees and patients time and prosperity.

See a connected healthcare system using OnBase.

OnBase is a single ECM solution to benefit every facet of your healthcare enterprise from patient services, legal, back-office operations, and beyond. OnBase integrates seamlessly with your existing EMR and connects disparate departments with the content they need — when they need it. No manual entry, emailing or digging through data stores required.

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Capture and provide central access to these traditionally elusive types of data:

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OnBase overcomes information obstacles and massively improves productivity across healthcare disciplines.

How does OnBase help you?

Hospital and Physician Groups

Decrease paperwork and increase productivity in your hospital, physician group, or specialty office.

Outpatient and Ambulatory

Automate your organization’s workflow to care for patients more efficiently – and more effectively.

Healthcare Payers

Expedite enrollment and claims processing, mitigate common risks and stay ahead of compliance-related concerns with healthcare software.

Home Healthcare

Empower home healthcare and HR professionals to access the information they need whenever they need it with healthcare software.

Healthcare Integrations

Centralize all of your patient records while leveraging the technology you already know and love.

Medical Laboratories

Reduce labor costs, automate processes such as lab orders and expedite the early detection of diseases and disorders.