Does your organization spend too much time manually extracting data from fields or transferring information from one format to another?

Data Capture is a powerful solution that minimizes manual data entry, maximizes the number of documents your team can process, and kickstarts document routing into your automated workflow.

OnBase captures data from any format the moment it enters your document management ecosystem.

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With OnBase’s improved data capture capabilities, you’re able to perform many efficiency-enhancing activities, such as:

The greatest opportunity for improved productivity starts with Data Capture.

No matter what industry you operate in, optimizing how incoming documents are handled is one of the easiest ways to restore productivity to your workforce. Removing the need for human intervention and hand validation leaves room for more knowledge-based, business-driving work.

Want to know more ways that OnBase can make life easier for your workforce? Take a look at our eBook on OnBase Enterprise Information Management.

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