KeyMark supports cloud and on-premise document management solutions to efficiently and securely store your most important data.

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On-Premise Storage

Your OnBase solution in the Hyland Cloud

The Hyland Cloud is a world-class hosting platform purpose-built to accentuate OnBase’s content services capabilities. Augmenting OnBase with the Hyland Cloud introduces new benefits to cloud storage, including:

Learn more about Hyland’s Global Cloud Services in our Orange Chair Podcast conversation with Hyland’s Global Director for Cloud Sales and Operations, Marc Cianciolo.

Marc Cianciolo joins The Orange Chair Podcast to talk about the Hyland Cloud
The Orange Chair Podcast

Support your on-premise storage solutions

On-premise document storage is becoming increasingly less popular. Still, many organizations continue to stand by the added layer of security that comes with onsite servers hosted behind a user-controlled VPN.

Whether you are looking to maintain your current on-premise document storage solution, or migrate information to an alternative or cloud-based service — we can help.

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