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Hyland Case Study: Law Enforcement

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The Basics

To keep the public safe, law enforcement professionals have to act and react quickly and
smartly. However, when they try to work and make decisions based on content spread
across file cabinets, storage rooms, computers and desks, it’s nearly impossible.
But if you convert all that content (paper documents, photos, video, audio recordings)
to electronic files so they can retrieve them in one place, they won’t need to search for
it. With secure storage and fast retrieval of critical documents, records and evidence,
OnBase gives law enforcement agencies tools to further their public safety mission.

The Challenges

Like most public sector agencies, law enforcement faces budget cuts that eliminate staff
and force cut backs. Given the critical need for field-based staff in law enforcement,
maintaining paper-based files consumes budget dollars and staff time that could be better
spent in the community. Instead, they deal with:

  • Printing, storing and tracking paper that distracts from the public safety mission of having an ever-ready presence in the field
  • Finding critical information stored in disconnected systems that slows law enforcement action
  • Duplicating records and actions for other departments that wastes staff time and money

The Solution

The OnBase Law Enforcement solution lets law enforcement agencies reduce operating
costs by providing a more efficient process of storing critical documents and files. With
the flexibility to store paper, photos, videos and audio files, OnBase creates a cost-effective means to find the information that drives and records investigative efforts. OnBase also connects law enforcement to other departments and agencies across your governmental enterprise. With records centrally stored, it’s easier for investigations to share information with other agencies, like the prosecutor’s office, courts and correctional facilities, that depend on the same documents. With OnBase, cases move faster through the justice system.

The Payoff

  • Reduces operating costs and reclaims staff time
  • Integrates with other systems for quick access to critical information
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness across the justice system and in the field

Reduce operating costs and reclaim staff time by eliminating paper
The time and costs associated with filing, storing and photocopying documents has reached unsustainable levels. By creating, storing and sharing documents with the OnBase Law Enforcement solution, the time and costs spent on finding your information dramatically decreases. And with granular security rights and detailed audit trails of access, documents are safer and more secure than when they existed in storage rooms or on desks.

Integrate with other systems for quick access to critical information

At a time when budgets and staff are stretched thin, OnBase offers a secure process
that connects paper documents and other content to the data systems critical to law
enforcement and investigation. The OnBase Law Enforcement solution maintains data and documents in a secure environment that integrates with police records management systems (RMS) and other systems critical to enforcement and investigation. With immediate access to information, law enforcement professionals are free to focus on public safety. By leveraging document management with your existing technology, you add value to those investments. And because OnBase integrates with nearly any application without a single line of code, integrations are cost-effective and quick to implement, bringing a faster ROI to your existing technology and OnBase.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness across the justice system and in the field

Law enforcement agencies are not alone in their budgetary stress. Across the justice
system, agencies are desperately trying to keep their enforcement and prosecution efforts
moving forward even as caseloads increase. OnBase can help. From investigation to the courts, every division shares information with OnBase. With supporting documents securely stored in one place, it’s easier for departments to access common information, eliminating redundant activities like photocopying and filing documents. Because OnBase easily and cost effectively expands to other departments, the solution that helps law enforcement today easily and affordably grows to assist other agencies in the justice system and across your enterprise.

Why OnBase?

With the OnBase Law Enforcement solution, officials have more time to meet the challenges
of public safety responsibilities and protecting their community. Because OnBase is affordable
and easy to configure, it’s a sustainable solution that has an ROI that emerges almost as quickly as it deploys, saving money across the justice system.

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The Payoff

  • Reduces operating costs and reclaims staff time
  • Integrates with other systems for quick access to critical information
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness across the justice system and in the field