Cargo Owners Use Cases

Cargo producers, sellers, and buyers from shippers to importers can power their digital transformation with automation technology.

Consider use cases for the following technologies to enhance mover operations:

Trade, Shipping, and
Document Data Capture
  • Utilize optical character recognition technology to capture trade and shipping documents in any format instantly.
  • Extract logistics data without manual data entry
  • Capture and digitize BOLs open creation from (ERP, TMS, etc.) 
  • Transfer relevant extracted data to 3rd party systems (TMS, WMS, GTM, etc.) 
Case/Contract Management
  • Build forms and portal access for customers/vendors to submit claim requests.
  • Automated AI/workflow to analyze and route Claim requests.
  • Archival of all claim requests and related supporting documents.
  • Reporting on total claims, dollar value, or per customer/vendor.
Document Management
  • Easy access and retrieval for all load/shipments shipping documents and supporting correspondence.
  • Apply AI rules to show/report missing documents.
  • Maintain audit trails.
  • With 360 visibility, report on expiring license/permit and or required training.
Automated Workflow
  • Automate reviews and approvals processes.
  • Receive automatic notifications of expirations and auto-renewals
  • Initiate customer invoice creation automatically
  • Notification system based on workflow events
Forms & Document Automation in Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Generate digital shipping packets.
  • Use mobile devices to apply driver’s electronic signature.
  • Make revisions to forms and documents on the go and archive changes.
  • Auto-generate BOL documents.

Supply chain automation can do a lot, helping you do a lot more.

As you can see, supply chain automation can do a lot — almost too much to mention. 

For even more specifics on the capabilities of supply chain automation solutions and to kickstart your supply chain digital transformation, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable engineers.

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